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Fluent Forms Pro Special Discount Halloween 2023 Sale

Something special is in store for you this Halloween! Get ready to enjoy amazing discounts on Yearly and Lifetime licenses of Fluent Forms Pro. This fastest growing and lightweight WordPress form builder plugin offers an array of features and third-party integrations that will make building online forms a breeze. With over 60 prebuilt form templates and 40+ input fields to choose from, creating stylish and functional forms has never been easier. Plus, you can connect to 2000+ more apps and software through Zapier. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer and grab up to a 40% discount today!

Fluent Forms Pro Special Discount Halloween 2023 Sale

What’s exciting?

Fluent Forms Pro is offering an exciting discount this Halloween season! You can enjoy amazing discounts on both Yearly and Lifetime licenses of Fluent Forms Pro. The discount you’ve been waiting for is finally here, so take advantage of this limited-time offer.

The Fluent Forms Pro Special Discount allows you to get the plugin for a steal. With discounts of up to 40%, you can enjoy all the amazing features and third-party integrations that come along with Fluent Forms Pro. Plus, the plugin is regularly updated, ensuring that the form builder is stronger than ever.

Glide with ease

Creating online forms has never been easier with Fluent Forms. Instead of spending hours building a form from scratch, you can choose from over 60 pre-built form templates or create your own using the 40+ ready-to-use input fields. Simply drag and drop the fields you need, and your stylish new form is ready in just a few minutes. Say goodbye to wasting time on tedious form creation!

Fluent Forms Pro Special Discount Halloween 2023 Sale

All premium features in one package

Unlike other form builder plugins where you have to pay for individual add-ons or modules, Fluent Forms Pro offers all the premium features in one comprehensive package. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll get:

  • 40+ Ready-to-use Input Fields: Choose from a wide range of input fields to create the perfect form.
  • 60+ Pre-built Form Templates: Save time with pre-designed form templates that you can customize to fit your needs.
  • Payment Integration: Easily integrate payment gateways into your forms for seamless transactions.
  • PDF Submissions: Generate PDF versions of form submissions for easy viewing and sharing.
  • Calculated Fields: Perform calculations within your forms to automatically generate values.
  • Visual Reporting and Analytics: Track form submissions and view analytics in an easy-to-understand visual format.
  • Step Forms: Create multi-step forms to improve user experience and increase form completion rates.
  • Conditional Logic: Set conditional rules to show or hide fields based on user responses.
  • Advanced Post Creation: Automate the creation of new posts or pages from form submissions.
  • Multi-column Form Layout: Display form fields in multiple columns for a more organized layout.
  • File & Image Upload: Allow users to upload files and images as part of their form submission.
  • SMS Notification: Send instant SMS notifications to recipients when a form is submitted.
  • Payment Management: Manage payments and transactions directly within the form builder.
  • Prevent Blank Submission: Keep form submissions from being submitted if they are incomplete or missing required fields.
  • Akismet Integration: Protect your forms from spam submissions with the help of Akismet.
  • User Registration Forms: Create user registration forms with roles and custom fields.
  • Form Scheduling: Set specific dates and times for forms to be available or closed.
  • Automated Form Confirmation: Send autoresponder emails to users after form submission for confirmation.
  • Drip and Mautic Integration: Integrate with popular marketing automation tools for a seamless workflow.
  • Conditional Email Notification: Set up customized email notifications to be sent based on user responses.
  • Restricted Form Submission: Limit the number of form submissions per user or per time period.
  • Repeated Fields: Allow users to add multiple entries of the same field for easier data collection.
  • 30+ Third-party Integrations: Connect to your favorite apps and software through third-party integrations.
  • Action Hooks for Developers: Extend the capabilities of Fluent Forms with action hooks for developers.
  • Ninja Tables Integrations: Integrate seamlessly with Ninja Tables for advanced table functionality.
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With all these premium features, you have everything you need to create powerful and dynamic forms that fit your unique requirements.

Fluent Forms Pro Special Discount Halloween 2023 Sale

All your favorite tools in one place

Fluent Forms Pro not only offers a comprehensive package of premium features, but it also allows you to connect to over 2000 more apps and software through Zapier. This means you can integrate with your favorite tools and streamline your workflow without any hassle. Everything you need is available in one place.

Fluent Forms Pro Special Discount Halloween 2023 Sale

Plugin that doesn’t weigh you down

When it comes to form builder plugins, performance matters. Fluent Forms Pro is designed to be lightweight and efficient, so it won’t weigh you down. You can create complex forms without sacrificing speed and performance on your website. With Fluent Forms Pro, you’ll have a fast and reliable solution that delivers exceptional results.

Fluent Forms Pro Special Discount Halloween 2023 Sale

Functionality in a budget

One of the best things about Fluent Forms Pro is that it offers all the premium features mentioned above at an affordable price. You don’t have to break the bank to access the functionality you need. The Fluent Forms Pro Special Discount includes all future plugin updates, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features and improvements.

Whether you choose the Lifetime License or the Annual License, you’ll be getting incredible value for your money. Take advantage of the Fluent Forms Pro Special Discount now and elevate your form-building experience.

Remember, this offer is only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get Fluent Forms Pro at an unbeatable price. Grab your discount now and enjoy a seamless form-building experience with Fluent Forms Pro.