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Get 96% Off ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription

Hey there! Are you tired of worrying about your online security when connected to public Wi-Fi? Well, we have just the solution for you. With the ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription, you can now surf the web with peace of mind. And the best part? You can get a whopping 96% off the regular price, bringing it down to only $34.99! This limited-time offer is not something you want to miss. With access to servers in 34 locations worldwide and top-notch encryption, you can freely browse the internet and even unblock geo-restricted sites like Netflix and Hulu. So why wait? Get your zen on and enjoy a safer and unrestricted online experience today!

Get 96% Off ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription

Features of ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription

Enjoy uninterrupted Internet surfing with ZenVPN

With ZenVPN, you can surf the internet without any interruptions. The VPN service stays out of your way as it runs, allowing you to enjoy a seamless internet browsing experience. Whether you’re streaming videos, downloading files, or simply browsing websites, ZenVPN ensures that your connection remains stable and reliable.

Easy download and installation with zero configuration

Setting up ZenVPN is a breeze. You can easily download and install the service without any complicated configurations. With just a few clicks, you’ll be up and running with ZenVPN, ready to enjoy its benefits and secure your internet connection.

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Top-notch connectivity through meticulous network allocation

ZenVPN ensures top-notch connectivity by implementing a meticulous network allocation system. This means that you’ll be connected to the best available server based on your location, ensuring fast and stable internet speeds. Whether you’re connecting from a crowded city or a remote area, ZenVPN will optimize your connection for the best possible performance.

Encrypt all your traffic, all the time

Privacy and security are paramount when it comes to using a VPN service. With ZenVPN, you can rest easy knowing that all your internet traffic is encrypted. This means that no one can intercept or access your data, keeping your online activities private and protected. Whether you’re browsing websites, accessing your online banking, or sending emails, ZenVPN ensures that your data remains secure.

No logging of your online activity

When using ZenVPN, your online activity is not logged. This means that ZenVPN does not keep a record of your browsing history, downloads, or any other internet activities. Your privacy is respected, and you can browse the internet with peace of mind knowing that your online activities are not being tracked or monitored.

Join a global network of 34 locations

With ZenVPN, you can join a global network of 34 locations and counting. This means that you have the flexibility to connect to servers from around the world, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions and access content that may be blocked in your current location. Whether you want to stream your favorite shows or access region-specific websites, ZenVPN gives you the freedom to do so.

No blockage from BitTorrent connections

Unlike other VPN services, ZenVPN does not block BitTorrent connections. This means that you can continue to use BitTorrent and other P2P file-sharing services without any restrictions. Whether you’re downloading files or sharing data, ZenVPN ensures that your connections remain unrestricted.

Strict No Logging Policy

ZenVPN has a strict no logging policy. This means that your online activities are not recorded or stored by the VPN service. Your privacy is protected, and you can browse the internet with confidence knowing that your data is not being collected or monitored.

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Get 96% Off ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription

Important Details

License redemption deadline

It’s important to note that you must redeem your ZenVPN license within 30 days of purchase. After this deadline, you may no longer be able to redeem your license, so be sure to take advantage of your purchase in a timely manner.

Restrictions on device usage

The ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription allows you to use the service on one device at a time. This means that you can connect ZenVPN to one device of your choice, whether it’s your computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you try to connect to ZenVPN on multiple devices simultaneously, you may encounter restrictions.

Updates included

With the ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription, you will receive updates as they become available. This ensures that your VPN service stays up to date and continues to provide you with the latest features and security enhancements.

Lifetime access

When you purchase the ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription, you gain lifetime access to the service. This means that you can use ZenVPN for as long as you want, without worrying about monthly or yearly subscription fees. It’s a one-time purchase that gives you unlimited access to ZenVPN.

150 servers in 34 countries

ZenVPN boasts a network of 150 servers spread across 34 countries. This extensive network allows you to connect to servers in various locations around the world, giving you the flexibility to access content and services that may be restricted in your current location.

Full list of locations

For a full list of the 34 countries where ZenVPN has servers, you can refer to their official website. This list will provide you with an overview of the available locations and help you choose the server that suits your needs.

Data transfer limit of 5GB per day

The ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription includes a data transfer limit of 5GB per day. This means that you can enjoy up to 5GB of data usage each day without any additional charges. It’s important to note that exceeding this limit may result in additional fees or restrictions, so it’s advisable to monitor your data usage accordingly.

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Get 96% Off ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription

System Requirements

To use ZenVPN, you need an internet connection. Whether you’re connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, as long as you have an active internet connection, you can take advantage of ZenVPN’s features and benefits.

Get 96% Off ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription


When purchasing the ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription, you can instantly redeem your license digitally. This means that you don’t have to wait for physical delivery or any additional paperwork. The redemption process is quick and convenient, allowing you to start using ZenVPN right away.

In conclusion, ZenVPN offers a comprehensive and reliable VPN service that provides you with uninterrupted internet surfing, easy installation, top-notch connectivity, and encrypted traffic. With its strict no-logging policy, extensive network of servers, and freedom to use BitTorrent connections, ZenVPN ensures that your online activities remain private and unrestricted. The ZenVPN Lifetime Subscription includes important details such as a license redemption deadline, restrictions on device usage, updates, lifetime access, server locations, and a daily data transfer limit. With ZenVPN, you can enjoy a safe, secure, and unrestricted internet experience.